1 What is your mission?

Did you know that between 6 – 8 million dogs and cats are surrendered to shelters every year in the US? Or that roughly half of those surrendered are euthanized? Research shows that distraction therapy can help…

Rock & Rawhide’s mission is to increase the level of adoptions and quality of life for dogs and cats in shelters and rescues.  We achieve this by providing distraction therapy and noise/stress reduction through the donations of toys, tough chew items, Kongs, Nylabones, bones, rawhides, blankets and more. If a dog is chewing, it’s not barking! If a cat is playing, it’s not meowing! Less noise = less stress. In turn, dogs and cats can pass their evaluations at shelters, and show more of their personality, making them more adoptable.  With each delivery of donations, we promote the shelter, or rescue, and their respective population to get the word out on their amazing animals! We also work with shelters and rescues to help them increase their community outreach programming so that they can promote their populations to more people.

We collect items through regular donations, music gigs, visual art shows, culinary events, DJ events, drop box programs, and more.

2 What is the impact of Rock & Rawhide?

We can’t change the fact that millions of dogs and cats will be euthanized each year in the USA thanks to over-breeding, failure to spay and neuter, puppy mills and more. But we can give those animals at risk of death in shelters a little love, stress relief, and perhaps save some lives along the way. If Rock & Rawhide doesn’t exist, things will remain as they are. Beautiful, happy, well-adjusted, smart dogs and cats will be euthanized because they are stressed, sick, depressed and perhaps aggressive due to shelter conditions. Along the way we are educating as to adopting and fostering, and helping to network animals in need.

3 How do you collect the items?

We collect items through donations at pet supply stores/vets/groomers, individual’s homes, offices, schools, music gigs, visual art shows, DJ events, and more. We have drop boxes in multiple locations where you can donate goodies for shelter pets. We create mobile collection days where we drive to individual’s homes in a particular area to take their donations. We create events where we invite people to donate for local shelters.

4 How do I donate items?

You can donate items at our many drop boxes, events we hold, or we can arrange to receive them from you. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and jump on our email list, we can let you know when events are coming up in your area.

5 Do you take cash donations?

Yes. However, we do not turn that cash over to the shelters. Instead we buy more items for the animals by going direct to manufacturers at a great price. We also utilize the funds to create programs that will in-turn garner more item donations. We have no overheads like rent or salaries, so your donation really does directly help shelter animals.

6 How do I donate money?

You can do so in a couple of ways. We will provide you with a tax receipt via email. 

You can donate here on our site - click here!

PayPal or Venmo to rockandrawhide@gmail.com using "friends & family" so nobody pays fees. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can use a credit card.

We also accept checks made out to Rock & Rawhide : mailed to Rock & Rawhide, attn: Kylie Edmond, 455 West 37th Street, Suite 2202, New York NY 10018.

7 Why do you donate items to kill-shelters who kill innocent animals?

Some organizations receive millions of dollars in donations. Unfortunately, municipal animal shelters receive government funding after everything else is paid for, like police, roads, education, garbage disposal and more. There are not a lot of funds to go around, and individuals do not normally think of these government run shelters when it comes to charitable giving.

Once you factor in that municipal shelters take in more animals than all of the privately funded rescues put together, it is easy to see why simple items like blankets, toys and treats are missing in many cages.

The animals in these shelters are at a very high risk of euthanization. There are very high stress levels in these types of shelters due to noise, housing conditions, absence of volunteers, limited space, limited play time with other dogs and limited human contact.

We wish to give these animals comfort and in the process increase the awareness of adoptions since many people wrongly do not consider a shelter rescue animal as an appropriate family member.

Animals in no-kill shelters also need our help. Since many of those animals could stay there for many, many years, we wish to help make their very long days, or years, a little happier.

8 Do the items really get given to the animals?

Yes, they do. It’s difficult for us to SEE them being used since there are hundreds of animals in any given shelter that are not on display in the very small adoption area. Rawhides are generally given to “Compassion Programs” which serves to comfort dogs being euthanized the following day. Soft/squeaky toys are generally given to momma dogs who have lost her puppies, cats, very small puppies or sick animals, since larger dogs will destroy them and could choke. Kongs, Nylabones and other tough chew items are terrific items to allow a dog to de-stress.

9 Do you rescue animals?

Through the promotion of the shelters we collect for, and getting the word out to the local community, we have successfully found homes for dogs and cats. The adoption of these beautiful animals is often directly related to our work. We have found homes for animals that we have met at the various shelters through our own networks, and will continue to do so. Though we are not an official rescue group, we leave that to the professionals