Did you know that between 6 – 8 million dogs and cats are surrendered to shelters every year in the US? Or that roughly half of those surrendered are euthanized? Research shows that distraction therapy can help…

Rock & Rawhide’s mission is to increase the level of adoptions and quality of life for dogs and cats in shelters and rescues.  We achieve this by providing distraction therapy and noise/stress reduction through the donations of toys, tough chew items, Kongs, Nylabones, bones, rawhides, blankets and more. If a dog is chewing, it’s not barking! If a cat is playing, it’s not meowing! Less noise = less stress. In turn, dogs and cats can pass their evaluations at shelters, and show more of their personality, making them more adoptable.  With each delivery of donations, we promote the shelter, or rescue, and their respective population to get the word out on their amazing animals! We also work with shelters and rescues to help them increase their community outreach programming so that they can promote their populations to more people.

We collect items through regular donations, music gigs, visual art shows, culinary events, DJ events, drop box programs, and more.